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TWERK BY ANET - Basics - Individual


Price: $20
Type: Individual

Created by Czech dance celebrity and choreographer Anet Antošová, TWERK BY ANET is a fast-paced, fun and rigorous cardio and core-intensive workout focusing on your abs, back, booty, and legs. Follow this introductory class by Anet and learn basic movements that will help complete her more advanced classes, but don't be fooled -- this 50 minute class is NOT EASY.

Anet has taught thousands of TWERK BY ANET workshops in almost every European country, amassing a deeply loyal following. Come get your TWERK on and discover a new, fun way to BURN THAT BOOTY!

Your purchase will provide access to the class for 4 weeks, enough time, with practice, to master Level 1 and be ready for Level 2, coming soon!


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