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I have nothing but good things to say about FitAnywhere! Our last plan sold out so fast [20 minutes!] It has allowed our community of 1000+ girls to come together in a more interactive + personal way.

Elisabeth Tavierne
Founder, CHAARG

FitAnywhere lets you broadcast your health and fitness instruction in a whole new way. Build your brand. Expand your audience. Earn more cash.

Become a FitAnywhere Provider

Register as a FitAnywhere provider and start selling your fitness expertise!


The average provider increases their online revenue by 70%. Nearly 90% of FitAnywhere providers make sales!


When you bring a subscriber, you keep 90% of each sale.
When we send you a subscriber, you keep 50% of each sale

What do you get?

  • Full access to free, online broadcast platform
  • Full HD video uploads
  • Offer fitness classes, seminars, and customized programs on a subscription basis
  • Development support to help you maximize your earnings
  • Complementary marketing and promotion of your classes and content
  • Management tools to design and share your content
  • Track sales, earnings, and more!

Get Started In 5 easy Steps

  1. Submit your application
  2. Get approved – upload content
  3. Consult with our support team
  4. Develop your product
  5. Market your product – start making sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FitAnywhere?

FitAnywhere is a platform which allows you to instantly start selling fitness classes/content online. FitAnywhere also lets you sell recurring paid subscriptions to “premium” content, helping you convert your fans, followers, and subscribers into paying members.

How much does it cost to host my content?

There are ZERO costs for signing up to become a FitAnywhere provider and publishing content. We only make money when you do!

How much can I make?

For every a la carte class or membership you sell, you keep 90% of the *profits?. For every customer Share It Fitness sends your way, you keep 50% of the *profits.

Who is the ideal FitAnywhere provider?

Our platform is the perfect complement to a wide range of health and fitness professionals. Some of out past clients have included:

  • Yoga studio’s wanting to offer their classes online
  • University fitness clubs looking to create group-based workout programs for their members
  • Dietician’s creating day-by-day meal plans
  • Fitness bloggers and YouTube/Instagram/Twitter personalities seeking to convert their subscribers/followers into paying members
  • Gym owners wanting to offer workout programs and contests to supplement gym memberships
  • Personal trainers who enjoy tracking client progress and providing “off day” workouts.

How much should my fitness classes and memberships cost?

This is totally up to you. We find fitness classes priced around their real-life counterparts do well, so between $10-$20 per class. Memberships to full workout programs or unlimited access to content usually run $30-$75 per month.

How much work does it take to become a FitAnywhere provider?

The great thing about FitAnywhere is it takes very little effort on your part. All of your fitness classes and content are available OnDemand, so once you’ve got it created and uploaded, you’re finished. Of course, FitAnywhere providers who continually create new content are the most successful.

How does Share It Fitness promote my courses?

Share It Fitness will advertise your FitAnywhere channel to our members and social media followers. This will expose your brand, content, and FitAnywhere channel to hundreds of thousands of potential customers each month.

Can I follow/track my subscribers fitness stats?

Yes! Our platform allows subscribers to record statistics you define for each class, and compiles them in an easy to read Provider Admin Panel.

What if I’m already uploading my video content to YouTube, Instagram or other social media?

Even better. Think of FitAnywhere as a supplement to everything you’re already doing. Unlike other video-sharing sites however, FitAnywhere allows you to instantly start selling your video content and/or offering your coaching services direct to consumer instead of relying on massive volume to collect a return on your efforts.

What if I don’t create videos? Can I still be a FitAnywhere provider?

Definitely. Plenty of our FitAnywhere providers sell memberships to text-based workout programs and nutrition plans. Whatever format your product comes in, FitAnywhere can help you sell and market it.

Is FitAnywhere working for other people?

100% of our FitAnywhere providers have increased their revenue as a result of using our platform.